Obstacle track 

Track for physically active kids. It is possible to overcome different and various obstacles in the track - you will have to climb, escalate and swing! The obstacle track will test your strength and endurance. 

Can you overcome this track and make it till the end? 



Baby corner

Located near the parents' lounge area. A wide range of educational materials, games and educational toys are available. Suitable for children under 3 years of age - young researchers can safely explore the world, crawl, move, touch anything that catches their interest and learn about the world surrounding them.
Babies can feel completely safe - you can find only round and soft shapes all around.



Ball pit area

You can find real fun in the ball pit area. Balls indeed are everywhere! Choose your favorite color and get in the whirlpool of fun! In the ball pit area you will find a ball fountain and  labyrinths, which are particularly popular among our youngest visitors.


4 themed birthday party rooms in Chisinau

From now, birthday parties are going to be absolutely amazing. Celebrate in a separate room and then – go wild in the entire ADVENTICA park! (It‘s so much fun that you can come without children. We‘ll understand.)

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  • Visits
  • Birthday rooms
  • Go karts / game tables


Only ONE PRICE and children are free to go wild in the entire space of ADVENTICA, investigate and try every single corner! For adults who come together with children, the entry is 5 Eur.

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  • 1 hour10 EURBuy

    - valid for 6 months from the purchase date
    - expires if not used before expiry date
    - gives a 1-hour onetime ADVENTICA ticket or the right to pay for ADVENTICA services with the voucher face value; no return is given when paying for a lesser sum
    - is non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash

  • 2 hours14 EURBuy

    - valid for 6 months from the purchase date
    - expires if not used before expiry date
    - gives a 2-hour onetime ADVENTICA ticket or the right to pay for ADVENTICA services with the voucher face value; no return is given when paying for a lesser sum
    - is non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash

  • All day16 EURBuy

    - valid for 6 months from the purchase date
    - expires if not used before expiry date
    - gives a DAY onetime-use ADVENTICA ticket or the right to pay for ADVENTICA services with the voucher face value; no return is given when paying for a lesser sum
    - is non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash

  • Annual499 EURBuy

    - valid for 6 months from the purchase date
    - provides a personalized annual ADVENTICA membership or the right to pay for ADVENTICA services with voucher value; no refund is made when paying for services that cost less
    - the membership is valid for 12 months from the first visit to ADVENTICA park
    - expires if not used in accordance with the described conditions
    - the membership is registered at the ADVENTICA check-in counter and is only valid for the registered customer
    - not refundable or exchangeable for cash

  • Accompanying5 EURBuy

    - valid ONLY for an adult accompanying a child with an ADVENTICA ticket
    - valid for 6 months from the date of purchase
    - expires if not used before expiration date
    - provides the accompanying person with a ticket to ADVENTICA or the right to pay for ADVENTICA services with the coupon face value; when paying for services at a lower cost, no refund is made
    - not refundable or exchangeable for cash

  • Gift voucherfrom20 EURBuy

Birthday rooms

Themed birthday rooms for 10 to 20 people 2.5 hours. duration. Additionally - up to 5 places for 8 Eur per child. Visitors accompanying children are free of charge. For those who want to prolong their stay in the room when it is not occupied: 50 Eur / hour on working days, 75 Eur / hour on weekends.

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  • 10childrenSmall169 EUR - 229 EURBook
  • 15childrenMedium179 EUR - 209 EURBook

Go karts / game tables

All attractions in ADVENTICA family entertainment center are already included in the price. Tokens maybe needed only for some gaming tables & machines: 1 token = 1 EUR = 1 game

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Operational rules

Dear Customer,

Below please find the operating rules (further – Rules) of the ADVENTICA park and familiarise yourself with them. If you are accompanying Underaged Customer as their Parent, please familiarize Underaged Customer with them as well.  

These Rules apply to all Customers of ADVENTICA park without exceptions. Entry to ADVENTICA park, even when repeated is possible only after the Customer has familiarised with the Rules. Thus, by entering ADVENTICA park, the Customer explicitly agrees to the Rules.

Some Facilities have additional safety and behaviour rules. Customers are familiarised with them and briefed by ADVENTICA personnel when they come to enjoy our Facilities.

The operating rules are conveniently placed within ADVENTICA park, so Customers can always review them. The Rules are also available on www.adventica.sk


ADVENTICA park means business premises operated by the company HRAVY s. r. o. (company number 54726671), labelled “ADVENTICA” in Eurovea shopping center, Pribinova 8, 811 09 Bratislava

ADVENTICA personnel means personnel of HRAVY s. r. o., in principle wearing special ADVENTICA branded clothing, that maintain the equipment of ADVENTICA park, take care of common order and briefing Customers

Catering area means the designated area of ADVENTICA park to enjoy food and beverages by Customers

Celebration area means the designated area of the ADVENTICA park which is suited for conducting various types of celebrations

Customer means any child (Underaged Customer) and its parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) (Parent) which has entered ADVENTICA park

Entertainment area means part of ADVETICA park within which various attractions/park entertainment facilities are located

Facility means any attraction, ride, facility placed withing Entertainment area of ADVENTICA park

Parent means parent(s) or a caregiver(s) of an Underaged Customer(s)Park waiver means the park waiver signed by Parent of Underage Customer

Park manager means a person who oversees operations of the ADVENTICA park

Privacy Policy means the privacy policy of ADVENTICA park also available on www.adventica.sk

Underage Customer means a Customer who has not yet reached 18 years of age


Customers can enter the ADVENTICA park when they purchase a ticket and get a special bracelet.


When purchasing a ticket or making a reservation to attend ADVENTICA park, the Customer confirms acknowledgement with the Rules and takes full responsibility for following them. Responsibility for Underaged Customers shall be assumed by their Parents.


Before entering ADVENTICA Park Parents of Underaged Customer must sign the Park Waiver.

Underage Customers under 6 inclusive must be accompanied by a Parent to enter and stay in the ADVENTICA park, as well as use its Facilities under a constant Parent’s supervision only.

Underage Customers from 7 to 11 inclusive must be accompanied by a Parent to enter the ADVENTICA park and can be left without Parent’s supervision there.

Underage Customers from 12 to 18 can come and stay in the ADVENTICA park without Parent’s supervision but must always provide the Park Waiver signed by their Parents.


ADVENTICA park does not render children supervision services. ADVENTICA park is not a daycare, a school, a children’s club or any such educational facility based on an applicable law. Parents shall take care of supervision and safety of Underaged Customers.


In the ADVENTICA park, it is not allowed to use our Facilities barefoot or in shoes. We suggest wearing socks with a rubber non-slip sole. Such socks with non-slip sole, suitable for use of our Facilities, are available for purchase in the ADVENTICA park.

Customers who choose to stay wearing shoes, must use boot swabs. Customers with shoes are prohibited from using Facilities even if wearing boot swabs.

Comfortable clothes are advised for attending ADVENTICA park: sportswear or any outfit easy to move in. In the inflatable space, it is advised to cover as much of your body as possible by wearing long sleeved shirt and long sports pants.


Customer’s clothes, shoes and valuables can be left in the designated locker in Locker area. Customers may obtain a numbered key to their locker at ADVENTICA park’s reception. We urge Customers to be responsible about storing any valuable items in lockers. Please, always make sure you have properly locked your locker!

ADVENTICA park will not be responsible for any loss or damage of Customer’s items if they have been stored outside of designated locker.

Any compensation for incurred damages will be furtherer regulated by applicable law.


Customers who have any health issues, disorders, traumas, or other conditions incompatible with attending of ADVENTICA park, full or partial use of the Facilities of ADVENTICA park, are prohibited from doing so.

Customer who feels any discomfort or fatigue must stop the physical activities and rest.

ADVENTICA personnel shall be entitled to refuse and prohibit the Customer’s entry to Entertainment area even without giving any reason if ADVENTICA personnel has doubts about the Customer’s health condition.


Customers with disabilities may enjoy ADVENTICA park’s Facilities only if accompanied by Parents who are able to take care of them in a proper and professional way.


In case of any injuries or accidents, please notify the ADVENTICA personnel without delay. In case of extreme emergency, please call 112 immediately.


It is strictly forbidden to:

  • enter ADVENTICA park under influence of drugs, alcohol, and other substances,

  • bring any food and/or drinks into the Entertainment area, the Catering area is designated for that purpose,

  • use objects that endanger health of Customers, may damage the Facilities, e.g. chewing gum, knives etc.,

  • do any unsafe moves such as acrobatics stints

  • use and/or smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes or use of any device meant for vaping,

  • bring any pyrotechnics into ADVENTICA park,

  • bring third party service providers (e.g., animators) unless with a written consent of the Park manager,

  • bring and/or consume alcohol in ADVENTICA park,

  • bring animals to ADVENTICA park.


In the event of repeated disregard of the Rules, ignoring warnings or in case of any circumstances adverse for other Customers to entertain safely in the ADVENTICA park are established by improper behaviour of a Customer, the ADVENTICA personnel shall have the right to ask this Customer to leave the ADVENTICA park without the right to come back. The time unused shall not be indemnified and the money shall not be refunded in such case.


In case you need any assistance, do not hesitate to approach ADVENTICA personnel.

Customers are obliged to follow the instructions of ADVENTICA personnel.


In the Entertainment area, Customers are allowed to film and photograph events and space itself for non-commercial purposes only while avoiding identifiable persons, unless their specific permissions are given.


For the safety of Customers and property of ADVENTICA park, the Entertainment area of the ADVENTICA park is constantly monitored by video cameras. Thus, Customers acknowledge that sound and images of them are subject to video surveillance.  More details are available in the Privacy policy on www.adventica.sk.


Celebrating a birthday? Please familiarize with the Birthday party rules on www.adventica.sk/birthdays

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